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WebLog Assignment

Working in the course Blog Place, produce a weblog (on-line journal) to demonstrate your preparation for class and your engagement with course events including assigned readings, films and invited speakers.

Blogger  / Live Journal /  Xanga

In some instances, but not in every instance, I will present questions or queries to guide your blogs.



In some instances, but not in every instance, I will present questions or queries to guide your blogs.


The form of a given weblog entry is limited only by available technology and can include, separately or in any combination, textual, audio, photographic orvideographic information.  (There will be a workshop to help you create and begin producing your blog).

Blog entries are due following course events and prior to the next scheduled class meeting.


Check out each other’s blogs! Everyone appreciates­­­ comments on their blog!


1 Aaron Agrast   Katherine Bataille
Emily Bertagnolli  Maria Bertoncin  Kayleigh Brickman 
2 Emily Eddings  Daniel Fossa  Georgana Fox  Angela Germano  Stuart Gair 
3 Aaron Graora  Maggie Junkin  Meghan Keener  Kate Lawson   Elizabeth Lewis 
4 Courtney Maistros  Andrew Petraska  Jenna Rezac  Kara Reiter   
5 Darcy Riley  Jim Shurtleff  Stacie Slay  Shawn Zetzer   


Dr. Shutkin's WebLogBlog

Personal information
1. Name, hometown, primary email.
2. What name do you prefer to be called?
3. Grade level and subject(s)that you are teaching / want to teach. (For graduate students: undergraduate and graduate degree(s), education license(s),current employment: grade level, subject(s) if applicable, district).
4. What are you into; what makes you special? Share a few “unique” aspects about yourself that would help our classroom community get to know you a bit better.

Learning Style and more:
5. Being as specific as you can, what must be in place for you to feel comfortable taking intellectual and creative risks in a classroom?
6. I am interested in your perception of yourself as a student. Please describe it. Consider such criteria as a) active oral class participation; b) responsible, timely class preparation (of readings, projects, etc.); c) honest, candid self-assessment; d) awareness of your own preferred learning styles/approaches; e) first thing that you do when you cannot or do not understand something; f)other dimensions you believe to be relevant and informative.
7. Is there anything I should know about you, your learning style, or life situation that may be relevant to your successful performance in this course? (Please decide what to share with the class and what to share in confidence with me).


Education Past and Present

8. Share a formative memory from your experiences as a student.
9. Please discuss what are, for you, some significant issues or concerns facing the field of education right now.
10. Let’s imagine, humbly, that this course is definitely going to be the most meaningful and relevant course you’ve ever experienced. EVER. Drawing on your past experience in classrooms, and thinking uniquely, specifically and BIG, describe what we need to (1) DO (activities/projects), (2) STUDY (content topics and compelling issues/questions), (3) BE (interacting with each other) and (4) AVOID (in the previous three categories) in order for your visionary views of an ideal course to be mostly realized.

About Dr. Shutkin:
11. Write down a question or two that you would like to ask me about myself or the class.







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