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Currere:  What is the course that I am on? How is the curriculum enacted?


1. Regression [a re-experience of the past] through Free Association: 1. Spontaneous, logically unconstrained and undirected association of ideas, emotions, and feelings; 2. Spontaneous mental process whereby ideas, words, or images suggest other ideas, etc., in a nonlogical chain reaction.


2. Progression: Bracketing the past and the present, imagine possible futures.


3. Analytical: Examine the past and the present to discern how the past inheres in the present to form the institution of education and myself as a subject. This occurs through the mutual conditioning of so manyinstitutions: legal, religious, economic, familial, and so forth AND personal subject positions:  I am white, I have many rights, I am a union member, I have no wealth, I am a teacher, I am a man...


4. Synthetical (synthesis): What is the meaning of the present? How am I to dwell in the present? How am I to respond (what is my responsibility as a woman, a teacher, a catholic, white, economically privileged, able-bodied...) right now given these present circumstances?


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