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Page history last edited by David Shutkin 8 years, 1 month ago

1.  We have 7 remaining reading assignments. In lieu of these assigned readings, I am inclined to invite you to review the two course books and select 4 readings (any 4 readings) remaining in either book that will best support your interests and the development of your remaining BlogPosts and research.

2. This creates a pedagogical issue of how best to encourage discussion.  This is what I propose:

  • Everyone signs up to lead a 30 minute small group discussion based on:
    • 1. a single reading and
    • 2. your efforts to integrate your reading, timeline and direction of research
  • Every discussion leader needs to bring a reading and/or handout and create a guided reading experience for their small group
  • The small group discussion will culminate in a 10 minute class discussion that you lead.
  • Goals will be to inform and engage the whole class and 
  • To get constructive feedback/input about the direction of your work.
  • This format does NOT supplant regular writing circles.


We decided to vote on this change.  Please make your selections below.



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